Why is Label Traders so unique or ‘genuine’?
We manufacture most of the stocks we sell (around 70%) whereas most factory outlets buy their stock in from other sources. This makes us the ‘real deal’ when it comes to factory outlet shopping and means that we can keep our prices lower than many other factory outlets who claim to sell high street stock at affordable prices.

How do you keep your prices so low?
Label Traders is owned by one of the world's leading clothing manufacturer's for some of the best known major high street retailers, when they receive cancelled or excess orders, they pass these clothes onto us to sell in the factory shop. Because we pay very little for these clothes - and don’t go overboard with the instore décor - we are then able to pass on the huge savings to you, making us one of the most affordable and value for money places to buy high street names.

How do you have so much variety in the shop?
We don’t manufacture all of our branded items, such as homewares, bedding and some accessories, so we buy these in from other chainstore manufacturers to complement our own stunning clothing ranges.


What is a 'label'?
This refers to the original label that will have appeared in the garment before it was made available for sale in the Factory Shop. 

Do you sell ‘seconds’ at Label Traders?
No. None of our garments are damaged in any way, they are all perfect.


Why does the label have to be cut when sold in Label Traders?
If the label was not cut, then there would be nothing to stop a customer paying our discounted price for a garment from Label Traders and returning it to the high street chain-store and claiming a full price refund. We adhere to strict rules to ensure we protect our business partners against fraud. The same applies to a gift pack where the brand name is often cut out of packaging.  Our friendly staff will be happy to identify brand names if you do not recognise them in store.


Why can't you advertise the 'labels' that you sell?
We are requested by our customers (the high street chain-stores) to be discreet about our sales so as not to undermine the stock sold in their stores. To comply with this request is our primary concern, as only around 5% of what we manufacture will end up in our own Factory Shop. This is one of the reasons why we are relatively low profile!

Where can I find Label Traders?
For directions of where to find us, click here.

How can I contact Label Traders?
To find out about the latest products, availability or to feedback, click here.


Factory Shop History – DID YOU KNOW?
Factory Shopping has been around for many years - initially as a perk to employees of manufacturing Companies - with owners and managers viewing it as a cost-effective opportunity to clear surplus products. Factory shops were extended to include friends and family of employees and then, gradually, the success of this led to the products being sold to the general public. Stores were opened on the high street and the Factory Shop was born!